Aronia Berry

aroni-berry-5The aronia berry has been dubbed one of nature’s “superberries” because of its extraordinary nutritional value.

Aronia berries are similar in size to blueberries and are deep violet in color.

Although the aronia berry is native to the Americas and was used widely by early settlers and Native Americans for healing purposes, these super berries are currently far more popular in Europe, where the aronia berry juice is known to provide a number of health benefits.


We have touted to you the high ORAC value of aronia berries as an indication of their nutritional value.   Determination of antioxidant levels by ORAC serves as just one measure of the healthy and natural compounds that are found in the aronia berry, including the beneficial polyphenols.  For an expert and insightful review of the ongoing value in using ORAC in nutrition, please see the recent communication by Ronald L. Prior, PhD. Learn More PDF.

We thank Dr. Prior for his addition to the discussion and Brunswick Labs, Southborough, MA for sharing this information.